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Tulsa Probate AttorneyJason M. Lile has an extensive Oklahoma probate practice dedicated to helping individuals and families with all matters related to the probate process. The term probate is used to refer to the court-supervised administration of a decedent’s estate. The court supervises the probate process whereby a personal representative is appointed to inventory the decedent’s property, determine potential heirs, resolve claims filed against the estate, distribute property in accordance with the will or by order of the court and perform any other duties assigned by the court in the administration of the decedent’s estate.

What Can An Experienced Tulsa Probate Attorney Do For You?

Having an experienced Tulsa Probate Attorney can make the Oklahoma probate process easier and less stressful for the personal representative, as well as the family members of the decedent. There may be some aspects of the probate process that are difficult for the personal representative to deal with, such as transferring title to real estate or objecting to claims of creditors that are unfounded or incorrect.

Furthermore, some estates are the subject of probate litigation whereby one or more heirs may be contesting the validity of the will or objecting to how the personal representative is managing the estate. During these difficult situations, having an experienced Tulsa Probate Attorney who is skilled in all aspects of the probate process involved to guide the parties involved is truly beneficial. If you are facing a complex or difficult probate matter, call Oklahoma Will & Trust at (918) 876-4500 to schedule your free consultation with a skilled and experienced Tulsa probate attorney.

A Brief Overview of the Oklahoma Probate Process

The purpose of the probate process in Oklahoma is to pay a decedent’s debts and distribute his or her assets in accordance with the Last Will & Testament. If the decedent died without a will, then the probate process will proceed under the intestate laws of Oklahoma. This means that debts and property will be handled in accordance to the procedures set forth in the statutes. A personal representative is appointed to the case and is charged with making an inventory of the estate property, identifying potential heirs and reviewing claims as they are filed with the estate.

If a decedent dies owing debts, creditors may file claims with the probate court detailing the amount of the debt owed and why the debt is owed. The debts may be approved or disapproved by the personal representative. If the personal representative approves a claim, it will be paid from the assets of the estate, if there are sufficient assets available. If the personal representative disproves or objects to a claim, the creditor will be given an opportunity to respond to the objection and a hearing will be scheduled, if required, to resolve the objection.

After the payment of any valid estate debts and any estate taxes, the personal representative will distribute the remaining assets to the heirs in accordance with the decedent’s wishes expressed in his or her will, or as determined according to Oklahoma intestate laws. A final accounting will be presented to the probate court for approval, showing all assets that came into the estate and how each asset paid or distributed to a creditor, an heir or an administrative expense.

The probate process can take between six months to one year to complete for a typical probate case; however, more complex probate matters may take years to complete. Having the counsel of a reputable and experienced Tulsa Probate Attorney can make the probate process much less stressful and difficult for all parties involved.

Contact an Experienced Probate Attorney in Tulsa

When you need the services of a probate attorney with the knowledge to handle all types of situations, call Oklahoma Will & Trust. Attorney Jason M. Lile is a skilled Tulsa Probate Attorney who understands the probate laws governing estates in Oklahoma. He also understands the sensitive and emotional issues involved with estate planning.

Contact a probate attorney today for a free consultation regarding all Oklahoma probate matters. Call (918) 876-4500 to schedule your free consultation. We are conveniently located at 500 W. 7th St., Suite 104 in Tulsa, OK.


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