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  • Oklahoma Power of Attorney: What Is It?

    An Oklahoma power of attorney gives the authority to act for another person in specified or all legal or financial matters.

  • Why Do You Need Estate Planning?

    A major advantage of estate planning is its power to minimize the probate process and its expenses, delays, and loss of privacy.

  • Why You Need A Will

    A will can allow you to direct how your belongings such as bank balances, prized possessions, or property should be distributed.

  • Oklahoma Gun Trusts: What You Must Know

    A gun trust allows for an orderly transfer of the weapon upon the death of the grantor to a family member or friend or other heirs.

  • Do I Need A Qualifying Income Trust In Oklahoma When I Apply For Medicaid?

    Yes, you need a qualifying income trust in Oklahoma if your income is above the limit and prevents you from qualifying for Medicaid benefits. Qualifying income trusts are also referred to as Miller trusts. Do I Really Need A Qualifying Income Trust In Oklahoma? In some states, you can spend down the income that you […]

  • Does An Oklahoma Irrevocable Trust Protect Assets From Medicaid Clawback?

    Sometimes an Oklahoma irrevocable trust protects assets from Medicaid clawback. Generally speaking, if an asset does not count when a Medicaid beneficiary is living because it is not available to them, then it will not be available for clawback upon their death. If a Medicaid recipient has some property in an irrevocable trust, it will […]

  • What Is A Medicaid Asset Protection Trust?

    A Medicaid asset protection trust is an affordable, permanent option that is created to protect the assets of a person who expects to spend some time in a nursing home. The alternative to having a Medicaid trust is to purchase long-term care insurance. With this option though, you must plan way ahead. Also, the average […]

  • Do I Need an Attorney for the Oklahoma Probate Process?

    The Tulsa, Oklahoma probate process sounds complicated, but the underlying concept is pretty simple. When a property owner dies, Oklahoma estate law provides for a comprehensive legal process that takes control of the deceased’s probate property, assesses its actual value, pays debtors, and distributes the assets to the property owner’s legatees (if the person died […]

  • Advantages of Estate Planning in Oklahoma

    advantages of estate planning

    One of the main advantages of estate planning in Oklahoma is to ensure your wishes are carried out after your death. Some people believe that if they do not have a significant estate, they do not need to worry about estate planning. However, it is very important to have a basic estate plan in place […]

  • Why Do I Need a Living Will in Oklahoma?

    living will in Oklahoma

    Before medical procedures, you may have been asked if you have a living will by your doctor or other medical providers. Most medical providers will ask if a patient has a living will because the terms of that living will could affect medical treatment in the case of an emergency. A living will in Oklahoma, […]

  • What Happens if I Die Without a Will in Oklahoma?

    die without a will

    No one likes to think about their death; however, estate planning is essential to make sure that your family is protected and that your property is distributed according to your wishes and not Oklahoma’s intestate laws. The death of a loved one is very difficult for the family. When you die without a will in […]

  • Does Oklahoma Allow Me to Create a Joint Tenancy with My Child?

    create a joint tenancy

    The simple answer to this question is yes, Oklahoma will allow you to create a joint tenancy with your child. However, many people fail to realize the risks they take when they create a joint tenancy with a child. Some parents create a joint tenancy in order to avoid probate, especially when the parent is […]

  • How Do You Terminate an Oklahoma Power of Attorney?

    terminate an Oklahoma power of attorney

    A power of attorney is an important estate planning tool for anyone. Whether it is an elderly parent granting a power of attorney to an adult child or a husband and wife granting each other a power of attorney, having the proper legal documents to ensure that your agent can act on your behalf is […]

  • Oklahoma Irrevocable Trust: A Helpful Estate Planning Tool

    Oklahoma irrevocable trust

    As part of your estate planning strategy, you and your probate attorney may decide that a trust is the best way to achieve the goals that you desire. Trusts allow you to do more than simply direct how your property will be distributed at the time of your death. An Oklahoma irrevocable trust can work […]

  • Can I Get an Oklahoma Power of Attorney from an Office Supply Store?

    Oklahoma power of attorney

    In answering this question, it is more beneficial to explain what a power of attorney does so that you will understand fully why you should never get an Oklahoma power of attorney from an office supply store. A power of attorney is a legal document used by an individual (the principal) to grant certain legal […]

  • How Long Does the Oklahoma Probate Process Take?

    Oklahoma probate process

    In a perfect world, there would be a definite answer to the question of how long does the Oklahoma probate process take; however, we do not live in a perfect world. The answer to this question depends upon the complexity of the probate estate as well as if there may be litigation involved regarding the […]

  • Types of Power of Attorney in Oklahoma: Limited, General, Durable

    type of power of attorney

    A power of attorney is a legal instrument whereby one person (the principal) gives another person (his agent) the authority to act on his behalf. Depending on the type of power of attorney granted, the agent can do anything that the principal can legally do when acting for himself. This means that the agent can […]

  • Oklahoma Estate Planning: What are POD and TOD Accounts?

    POD and TOD accounts

    Many people have questions about POD and TOD accounts and wonder if they are a wise estate planning tool to avoid probate. While POD and TOD accounts may avoid probate for a specific asset, there are several risks and disadvantages of setting up all of your accounts as POD and TOD accounts. What are POD and TOD Accounts? […]

  • How Beneficiary Designations Affect Asset Distribution in Oklahoma

    beneficiary designations

    Most people assume that when they die, all of their property will be included in their estate to be distributed according to the terms of their will. However, there are some circumstances where property will pass directly to another person outside of the probate process (i.e. beneficiary designations). In fact, if a person in Oklahoma […]

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