Tulsa Probate Attorney

The role of a Tulsa probate lawyer in estate planning and settlement is to give you the peace of mind you gain by knowing that you control your legacy. Whether you contact Oklahoma Will and Trust for probate administration, estate planning or because of an estate administration matter, my goal is to be certain you can have every assurance that you control your legacy.

Do you want the your loved one’s first memory of you to be unsettled concern about how to distribute your assets? For those who pass on without a will, the first concern their loved ones know involves the distribution of assets.

More than half of all Americans fail to prepare a will while they still have time. The reasons may vary, but whatever the reason, it comes down to passing on concerns that could be addressed in a simple will and testament.

Take charge of your legacy. Find out how easy it is to ease your loved ones’ concerns about your final wishes. Contact a Tulsa will drafting attorney at Oklahoma Will and Trust today at (918) 876-4500 for a free consultation.

Tulsa Estate Planning Attorney Services

An Oklahoma estate planning attorney assists in the selection of estate planning instruments that can protect my Oklahoma neighbors’ legacy. Estate planning instruments include wills, irrevocable trusts, revocable trusts, charitable trusts and gifts. Each has various risks and advantages involving taxes, personal control and statutory constraints.

Oklahoma Will and Trust can help you weigh the advantages and risks of various estate planning instruments. We can advise about the selection of trustees, or serve as trustee when the need arises. We assist clients in drafting wills that stand up to the probate process.

The skilled counsel of a Tulsa estate planning attorney can give you the insight required to protect your estate from being diminished through transfer costs, taxes, short-sighted administration or medical debts.

Contact the Tulsa estate planning attorney today for a free consultation about the best approach to protecting your legacy. Call (918) 876-4500.

Tulsa Probate Attorney Services

Probate is a complex process in which one’s preferred legacy may be derailed without attentive administration. A Tulsa probate attorney works to protect and preserve the legacy of my Oklahoma neighbors.

First and foremost, a probate lawyer work with families and heirs to reduce the stress and worry associated with the probate process. A confident, assured approach to probate gives families the comfort they need to establish fond memories while a loved one’s material legacy takes a new form.

In the probate process, your Tulsa probate attorney drafts and files key probate documents. When asked, an Oklahoma estate attorney can act as executor or personal representative. A valid will names an executor, and a skillfully drafted will names an alternate executor.

The personal representative may be any responsible individual who is trusted to carry out one’s final wishes.  The chosen executor will identify and locate heirs, distribute assets and settle debts with any remaining creditors. I can help an executor to understand the complex duties and procedures required of a personal representative.

The Oklahoma Probate Process

The first step in the complex Oklahoma probate process is to file with the local court a petition for probate. The petition asks the court to appoint the designated executor. The probate petition includes a determination of heirs and other interested parties – often called devisees or legatees.

Before the court orders appointment of a personal representative, Oklahoma estate litigation attorney may be asked to contest the validity of a will or to challenge the determination of heirs and legatees.

Once the order appointing a personal representative is signed, a Tulsa probate attorney may file an inventory of assets and debts, a notice to creditors and a final inventory indicating medical costs, legal expenses, court judgments have been satisfied. Estate litigation may ensue over debts.

Your Tulsa probate attorney can work with you to resolve contested probate matters prior to seeking an order dismissing the personal representative, which signals the completion of the probate process. Once probate is settled, your probate attorney may register the court order transferring real property to heirs and legatees.

Free Consultation: Tulsa Estate and Probate Attorney

Whether you are making plans for your estate, carrying out a loved one’s final wishes or faced with questions about complex probate matters, a Tulsa estate attorney is here to help you.

Call today to gain peace of mind that your legacy will reflect your wishes. For a free consultation about the best approach to protecting your legacy call (918) 876-4500.

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